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Drum Set Mute Pack

Drum Set Mute Pack

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Xymox has been making Drum Set Mutes for over 20 years. In our early days as an OEM manufacturer, we made Drum Set Mutes and Drum Pads for Vic Firth, Promark (remember the blue rubber?), Yamaha, Innovative Percussion and more. We’ve now improved upon this product with graphic laminated mutes. It’s a fresh take on an existing product and creates a visual palette to match the design and color of your drums. The laminated sponge also gives a better attack and tone sound while still muting the drum. You can also flip the disc over and play directly on the sponge side for a traditional old-school style muted session. All kits come standard with our patented Low Profile Snare Pad. The perfect snare sound pop to make practicing both effective and fun! The Low Profile Snare Pad is also perfect to take anywhere and can also fit comfortably in any backpack for a quick jam. While the “Drum Set Mute Packs” category is a great start for 5-piece sets, the “Individual Drum Set Mutes” category features every size drum and cymbal imaginable to complete your set. Looking to put your own image/photo/graphic on the Drum Set Mutes? Go to the first page and see the “Your Image Here” option for instructions.

Laminate: Space Cat

Note: Please choose from the options above your preferred kit. The descriptions for both kit options are noted below. Additional mute sizes and quantities can be purchased separately through the Individual Drum Set Mutes category.

Fusion Kit (8-Piece)
10”-12”-14”- Tom Mutes
Low Pro Snare Pad/Mute (fits any 13” or 14” Snare)
20” Bass Drum
16”-18” Cymbal Mutes
14” Hi-Hat Mutes

Standard Kit (8-Piece)
12”-13”-16” Tom Mutes
Low Pro Snare Pad/Mute (fits any 13” or 14” Snare)
22” Bass Drum
16”-18” Cymbal Mutes
14” Hi-Hat Mutes

*computer generated model image

All drum set mutes ship within 1-4 business days!

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