The best of both worlds; use this drum as a full volume snare drum or switch to practice mode and convert this drum into a low volume practice pad. Browse our collection of stunning snare drums, the ultimate tool that combines practice & performance.

Hybrid Snare Drums


The Reserve Snare Ultra is the most premium snare pad available featuring our patented snare sound which is both adjustable and mutable. A staple for any snare drummer, from beginner to working professional.

Reserve Snare Ultra


Our classic tenor pad with premium features such as full rims, laminated drum head playing surfaces, and a universal spock design so you can practice quad, quint, or sextet configurations all on one pad! Browse our selection of awesome designs!

Tenor Pads


A rubberless tenor drum pad played on with rubber-tipped sticks. Tenor Kicks are pitched just like a tenor set and have a pop in tone & articulation!

Tenor Kicks

The leader in creatively designed, high quality drum products.

  • Patented Snare Sound Technology

    Although many have tried to replicate it, Xymox designed, patented, and produced the original snare sound drum pad in the 1990’s.

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  • Creators of the First Ever Tenor Pad

    Designed in 1994, Xymox created the first tenor pad ever offered.

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  • The Hybrid Snare Drum

    The first ever drum of it’s kind, the innovative design of this drum allows the player to play at full snare drum volume or easily switch to a mode for quiet practice.

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  • Graphic Drum Pads

    The first ever custom graphic drum pads (for both snare and tenor applications) were created by Xymox over a decade ago.

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  • Pitched Practice Instruments

    Tenor Kicks and Bass Kicks, created by Xymox in 2019, are the first and only pitched practice tools of their kind for tenor and bass drummers.

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